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    Zhejiang Dafulong Valve Co.,Ltd is located in OuBei Zhangbao industrial Zone , first established in 1977. It is a professional manufacture of Fluouroplastic Lined and Erosive-proof valve and all kinds of pipelines accessory with more than 30 years experience. Our main products are fluorine-butterfly valve, fluorine-ball valves, fluorine-plug valve, fluorine-diaphragm valve, fluorine-globe valve, fluorine-gate valve, fluorine- check valve fluorine- relief valve and other kinds of sleeve plug valve. Company have been provided for the key chemical units for a long timelike zhejiang blue sky chemical, henan yuguang gold &lead, henan fluorine chemical industry and xinjiang zhongtai chemical. Parts of our products far sell to west European , North America and Southeast Aisa market. The Fluoroplastic Lined valves are not only applied to the strong erosive medium under various conditions, but also can take place of the expensive rare metal because of the unique performance in the respect of antierrosive medium, and at the same time, it lined the surface of cast iron , carbon steel , stainless steel , valve or inside wall and inside piece of valve, the life will increase 10-20 times than that of general stainless steel, so that it is used by the oil, chemistry,medical , fertili times for their equipments.It is popular with the customers.


We have metal cutting equipment,liner heating processing equipment and other products performance test equipment which are required by the processing and manufacture of the products. At presentour products almost have 10 pressure classes and more than 1120 specifications.The types of driven are: manual , pneumatic,electric, worm whell and gear-driven. The design and manufacture of the products are in accordance with the GB, JB and ANSI, API, BS, DIN advanced standard. They are used as the start up and close equipments for the industrial pipelines systems with string ensive medium.


Our company have always make the lining valve as our main product, After wide market diagnoses and through the unceasing efforts of the technicians, several kinds of the products with unique form have been researched and developed . The products are widely used at the sales market because of the special technical guideline and meterials. The wafer butterfly has won two national patents.


In recent yearscompany launched the fire safe type plug valve series which Use 4 sealing device. Not only the valve opening and closing operation torque is small, but also can make sure the valve is in sealed condition under the condition of the outside world was on fire.Now, our products have two general formula, three general formula, and also produce all kinds of heat preservation jacket plug valve. Smelting and manufacturing can according to customers’ special requirement.

 In order to further improve the quality of products to fit in with the request of market competition and keep pace wihe with international , we have made a series of strice enterprise standard and rules , thus management and product quality come to a new stage.

 Our company always takes "orient by market , develop by technology, service by quality, benefit by management" as the aim to perfect itself. Our staffs will be warmly welcome the new or old from home and abwad to our company and create the might future together.


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